The course will mostly be played on our Blue and Black layout, but with some modifications.

The players hotel for the competition will be Medlefors Folkhögskola which has been a partner of Skellefteå Discgolf regarding living arrangements and conferences during the last years.

For any travels to Discgolf terminalen you kan travel with the local buses on route 4 towards Bergsbyn and then you can jump of right next to the entrance to Discgolf Terminalen (Station Nybyggargatan).
If you don’t wanna go by bus but also doesn’t have your own car with you, then you can book a taxi through Skellefteå Taxi +46 910-17000.

Approx. prices one way from Medlefors to Discgolf Terminalen (14 km / 8,7 miles and 18 min) costs:
1-4 Passengers approx. 493 kr (€41 / $44)
5-6 Passengers approx. 620 kr (€52 / $56)
7-8 Passengers approx. 660 kr (€55 / $59)

Parking for own cars will take place on several sites near Discgolf Terminalen. More about this will come later.

Food will be on site, but exactly what has not been determined yet.